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About Us

Ayurveda is a part of the ancient Vedic heritage of India .our Journey in Health sector through Herbal approach was started in 1987, with a vision to improve the quality of life through Research and formulate standardized products of the highest quality, develop new products based on Ayurvedic principles and conduct research and clinical trials.

Over the years, Sukh Sanjivani Ayurved has established itself as a foremost international herbal healthcare company, known as one of the Leading Company in Reproductive Health Sector, & customer well-being with top-quality products.

We help people feel good, Stay Healthy and get more out of life we make this possible by offering a wide range of the products of Herbal Origin that is super safe and good for them and good for others.

We thank all our guests from 70 countries who have given us constructive feedback.

Our desired outcome, quite simply, is to be: “The World’s Premier Ayurvedic Healthcare unit, offering highest quality, Superior products of herbal origin to People Worldwide.” Being the premier Ayurvedic Company does not mean being the biggest but it does mean being the best in terms of consumer value, customer satisfaction, Research & development, consistent and predictable growth.

The Journey of sanjivani ayurved started in the year 1987 when vaidhya Rishi Sanjeev Founded the Sanjivani vaidhyashala as a small ayurvedya clinic in the small village of Ganjdundwara (U.P) to serve the local people for the awareness and better curing options with power of ancient ayurveda and natural remedies, sherb, herbs and other natural alignments for economical treatment options for the community. Over the years, with the continues efforts of the vaidhyarishi and integrity with the Hakeem abdul aziz sanjivani vaidhyashala earns great values in the ambient and booms at the phenomenal rate and now recognized as sukh sanjivan ayurved and established itself as the well known herbal healthcare sector that serves patient with super most priority and the ultimate aim is to provide deep customer satisfaction providing economical approaches of the best treatment options through modern ayurveda.


Our mission is to provide best treatment options to the patients with the aid of ancient ayurveda that serves as the safest medicinal system for curing the diseases and achieving the healthy life that not only free from any illness but one whose mind, body and soul in complete alignment, with the organ functioning at optimum level our every efforts is to made highest quality product that is economical too for the humanity.


Our vision is to meticulously researches and discoveries that lead to standardized formulations that help sukh sanjivani ayurved to established itself as the one of the top most global herbal healthcare sector where customer satisfaction as our supreme priority & where our R&D team works 24*7 for customer well-being & developing the product of highest efficacy with modern herbal techniques.


Our efforts are simple to provide best quality product at economical rates to the community. Our approach is to adopt the process and procedures that is eco friendly too and doest harm the environment. Our integrated planning in every step from manufacturing, packaging to shipping is as such we cut off the wastage as much as possible for the maximum utilization of the resources. Our business strategies implemented in every step as per our business growth we multiply the shares we reserves for the community and our environment as a view to return to the community from which we achieve our goal.


At sukh sanjivani ayurved our core objective is that every efforts are gone into R&D and producing best quality products under standardized conditions from raw material to packaging that are economical too for the community in a economical manner. Make awareness among the people for choosing safest medicinal system. Develop and make of superior active constituents of better efficacy. To educate the world by highlighting the potential of ancient Indian ayurveda that provides the natural treatment options. By rolling back the people to opt for the safest and natural system of curing diseases and to maintaining proper healthy life. To act as an education hub for learning and expanding the knowledge about the ayurveda and integrate it with the advances in science and modern techniques to achieve the best outcome for the community.